Thursday, June 9, 2011

New city, new country, new job...

Hi all,

So yes, it is true. I just left my job and my friends in BCN to move to Germany. That's why I have not been able to update the blog so often as I wanted (sorry to the 2 guys who have asked things about the Facebook API ;)).

Anyway, in the following days I will start to post again about SharePoint and (I hope) interesting technology stuff in my pseudo-English. Maybe I will use the blog to post funny things about Germany as well.

To sum up: I work right now for a small (but full of SharePoint experts) company called PlanB. There are a lot of people here that are very VERY good, so take a look to their blogs (some of them are in English and not in German :P).

Of course I would like to thank my previous workmates of Spenta for all the fun we had working together. It was a great time guys. I know the office will not be same after me, but you know, you will have to keep on living :D

That was enough for now... I have already a couple of posts in mind, so stay tuned.

Auf die Plätze, fertig, los!


  1. It was about time you posted anything!!! We won't forget you... everything is soooo sad ;)... #delendaestraona :P

  2. I'm updating the CSP machine right now and the demo script is so full of traces of you... I nearly broke into tears! Things like "Riding around a Demo script #touratcontoso" That's SO Guisu! Aber genug, die Tränen lassen mich nicht die Tasten sehen. Grüss Gott, gute Unterhaltung und so weiter!

  3. Yes... lately I have seen this #delendaestraona, and I have no idea what the hell does it mean...

  4. Please, google "delenda est cartago". Cheers.