Friday, January 13, 2012

Attributes of a socially optimized business

Lately I have worked in several projects where I had to develop some kind of social plugins for SharePoint, or integrate any of the available products to “socialize” SharePoint, or identify the real needs of the client and the better solution for them. It seems that more and more companies realize that a good relationship between their co-workers means better performance and better results.

Anyway, I still find a lot of managers (especially in Germany) that are not able to see the benefits of this approach. They are stuck in the e-mail age. They think that this is just a waste of time and of course, a waste of money –as these solutions are not especially cheap-.

For those people, I found this nice infographic signed by Dachis Group. There are a lot of new/old ideas… I especially like the massive shift from “me” to “we” sentence and the impact on the global workforce.

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  1. Those who have adapted to the social age of internet marketing for their businesses now feel the advantage over their competitors. Though it may take more work, socially optimizing your business is the "in" thing today that every business owner should be aware of.