Sunday, October 14, 2012

SharePoint Server 2013 Preview Setup guide

In this short post I am not going to explain how to set up a SP2013, but it is only to definitely recommend this great installation guide from CriticalPath:

I have just followed this step-by-step guide and apart of the basics (DC + DEV environments, accounts, and so on), it is really helpful to setup the new features, like the App Hosting or the Workflow Manager. Moreover, it includes several powershell scripts to make easier the creation of the AD accounts, disable loopback check and much more. It is also updated regularly.

Maybe it sounds like advertising, but I guess the good things need to have visibility. You need to be registered as member, yet that’s a minor snag. Thanks to Andrew Connell and Ted Pattison for this (and Adis Jugo for sharing).

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  1. It does sound like advertising but to get something informative this was and this would be all fine to users like me. This guide will really prove helpful to me as I was not having a perfect guidance through which I can have perfect set up.