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      2. Products

        Plastic Sheet Machine
        Plastic Sheet Machine

        Hollow grid Machine

        Qingdao branch Fengyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing hollow lattice plate equipment.
        Introduction to hollow lattice equipment.
        The hollow grid equipment is used for continuous production of PC, PE and PP hollow lattices. Products are widely used in building decoration, advertising layout, packaging and other fields. PE and PP lattice plates can replace cartons for packing boxes. They are light in weight, high in strength, moisture proof and anti-corrosion.
        1. Extruder: Special design of screw, advanced temperature control system, ensure good plasticizing effect of raw materials and high output stable extrusion.
        2. Screen changer: Choose hydraulic quick screen changer to make the process of network changer fast and effective, double-station and special sealing structure to ensure the stable operation of the screen changer.
        3. Die: The die is made of high-quality alloy steel with a high-activity throttle device, so that the material flow in the die distribution pressure uniform, differential adjustment between the upper and lower die to ensure uniform wall thickness.
        4. Vacuum setting table: there is a fast heat exchange refrigeration system in the stereotype system. It is effective interlacing in the vacuum system, and the sucking distribution is uniform and reasonable. This distribution ensures the accuracy of setting. The vacuum system is made up of two independent subsystems. Each subsystem is equipped with a number of three-point fixed cycle vacuum groups, each fixed cycle is equipped with a vacuum control system and vacuum display system, so that the vacuum on the surface of the plate is uniform and stable.
        5. Tractor: the tractor is distributed in one group and two groups. A group of tractors are of high power, large deceleration ratio and multi-roll type. They have excellent low-speed dynamic rotation performance and large traction force. They can simultaneously and evenly pull sheets out of the vacuum setting table. The two sets of tractors cooperate with the stress of the finished products. A trimming device is also provided to ensure the effective width and edge quality of the sheet.
        6. Stress eliminator: Advanced large-area conduction heating method, so that the plate stress can be effectively eliminated, further high plate flatness.
        7. Cutting machine: Equipped with accurate instantaneous constant length cutting and automatic lifting and unloading device, special alloy wear-resistant blade, to ensure the quality of the cutting surface.

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