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      2. Products

        Plastic pipe Machine
        Plastic pipe Machine

        HDPE water supply Machine

        HDPE water supply pipe equipment is a new type of equipment which is based on the traditional water pipe production line and is developed independently by adding new technologies and concepts. Its structure is simple, high degree of automation and running smoothly. The most important thing is that HDPE water supply pipe equipment is simple and convenient to operate and does not need uninterrupted maintenance. HDPE pipe produced by water supply equipment has a strong rigidity and strength, but also has excellent creep resistance and hot fusion performance, is the best choice in many fields of pipe.
        Product characteristics:
        1. The main machine of HDPE water supply pipe equipment mainly chooses high-efficiency screw, water jacket cooling and slotted feeding barrel, and at the same time it is equipped with a basket-type compound head, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also ensures the quality of the produced pipe.
        2. HDPE water supply pipe equipment chooses vacuum sizing technology and spray cooling water tank, in which vacuum sizing table and cooling water tank are made of high-quality stainless steel.
        3. HDPE water supply pipe equipment choose to use multi-track tractor and high-precision cutting machine, so that it has low noise, high efficiency and durability and other characteristics.
        4. The control system of HDPE water supply pipe equipment mainly chooses PLC control system. The control precision is high and the operation is more simple and convenient.

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