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      2. Products

        Plastic pipe Machine
        Plastic pipe Machine

        Carbon pipe Machine

        Carbon spiral pipe equipment is mainly used for the production of polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe, the pipe is mainly used for (optical) cable jacket protection, and gradually expanded to the application of power, telecommunications, postal and highway, port and other infrastructure applications. With high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance, no deformation, easy transportation and construction, and can also be processed into a variety of curvature of long-sized pipe, due to many advantages, still by various fields of users praise, is the replacement of iron pipe and PVC pipe the most ideal products.
        Compared with ordinary double-wall bellows, this unit has the advantages of less equipment investment, high pipe strength and convenient operation and maintenance.
        Technical characteristics:
        1, the configuration of polyolefin single screw extruder, with high-speed extrusion, high speed and other characteristics.
        2. Special separate mixing screw and spiral structure head, the flow path is reasonable, and the inner and outer walls of the tube are smooth.
        3. Specially designed sizing cooling method: production range 50-200mm, production speed as high as 0.6- 1.5 m / min. Standard design of pipe head.
        4. The spiral distributive fluid and large flow space ensure that the melt has enough residence time.
        5, the best design of low melting temperature, small internal stress of tube, smooth inside and outside surface.
        6. High flexibility, suitable for co-extrusion of all polyolefin materials, can extrude two layers, three layers of different specifications of spiral reinforcement tube.
        7. The optimized copper spiral sizing sleeve with pre-cooling device and strong vacuum suction device is suitable for high-speed extrusion of the tube.
        8. Specially designed sprinkler heads provide efficient spray cooling.
        9, longitudinal mobile motor regulation, up and down can achieve three-dimensional adjustment.
        10. The box is made of stainless steel.
        11, efficient pumps and special sprinklers bring efficient spray cooling.