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        What should we pay attention to when sandblasting machine is

        Release time:2018-10-22 11:57

        Nowadays, more and more enterprises buy sandblasting machines because of the production needs. Sandblasting machines are used more and more widely in the industry. Different from ordinary equipment, improper use of sandblasting machines is extremely easy to cause personal injury. Therefore, enterprises should consider all factors and find reasonable solutions. We describe some basic requirements:

        Some dust will be produced when the iron oxide scale, rust, oil, salt and other dirt on the workpiece are removed by sand blasting and shot blasting, which will pollute the air. Therefore, sandblasting machines should be located in separate houses. It is not allowed to carry out cleaning in open houses. Especially when sandblasting is clean, this section should be equipped with powerful intake and exhaust ventilation (15-20 times per hour).

        In addition to the need for a general ventilation system to improve working conditions, sandblasting equipment should be mechanized and sealed as carefully as possible to reduce dust in the house.

        When working, it is not allowed to exceed the allowable pressure of the sand blasting machine (usually under 6 air pressure). The working pressure is determined by the boiler inspection organization and shown in the certificate of each machine.

        Work clothes made of dense cloth and special hats with air (with three layers of plywood glass) should be worn when working near the sandblasting machine.

        The operator of sandblasting machine should be educated by special safety technology, but some work is allowed to do after the examination of technical knowledge. Workers should be aware of the safety measures to avoid sand flow hitting when moving and installing work pieces on machines with pressure exceeding atmospheric pressure, and to avoid current hitting when working alongside moving and driving mechanisms.