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        The advantages of the carat tube produced by drawing pipe eq

        Release time:2018-10-22 11:51

        The hot-state winding weld produced by the Clark tube equipment is of high quality. The melting flat and U-shaped strips extruded from the extruder die are evenly wound on the heated drum die according to the predetermined position to ensure the weld quality of the structural wall tube. Especially in the structural design, the welding joint of the plain belt is covered by the polyethylene coated supporting pipe, which improves the overall anti-pressure ability of the product. Excellent installation performance, clasp pipe connection using embedded fuse in the socket with the material socket fuse connection technology, high quality connection. It can achieve 100% without leakage, ensuring the same life and safety of pipeline system. At the same time, because the product is lighter than other pipe materials under the same application conditions, easy to transport, convenient and quick construction, can reduce the construction cost, in the scope of application, without the need for concrete cushion and concrete pipe foundation groove qualified can be directly laid pipe, basically to do side excavation, side pipe, side backfill, simplified the construction The program shortens the construction period. In engineering acceptance, the closed-air test is used instead of the closed-water test, which not only speeds up the acceptance, but also saves the complicated work and a large number of test costs in the closed-water test.

        Better flexibility, Clark pipe in the macro flexibility, and local pipe section has a strong rigidity and overall resistance to external pressure, when used in overloaded pavement, can ensure traffic safety. Due to the flexibility of pipes, the damage loss of pipes can be minimized in the case of earthquakes and uneven surface settlement, thus improving the ability of public facilities to resist earthquakes and mitigate disasters.

        HDPE can be recycled. Clark pipe is the main raw material of green environmental protection product winding structure wall pipe, high density polypropylene, no toxicity, no dyes produced in the production process, waste pipe can be 100% recycled. It is a green product of environmental protection and safety.

        Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, service life to ensure 50 years, with a strong resistance to chemical corrosion and corrosion. Therefore, the winding structure wall pipe in the transport of corrosive fluids or in corrosive soil laying, without anti-corrosion treatment, performance is much better than other pipes. In the design process, the reasonable product structure is selected to ensure the service life of the plastic pipe is more than 50 years and maintenance-free during the service life.

        The inner wall roughness of the pipe is low, the water conveyance is large, and the inner wall roughness N is about 0.010. Therefore, the fluid conveyance is smaller than the frictional resistance, and the water conveyance can be greatly increased compared with the cement pipe under the same conditions. Therefore, the engineering reliability and comprehensive benefit of using winding structure wall pipe under the same conditions will be improved compared with the traditional pipe, especially in the narrow construction site, dense buildings, complicated underground pipelines and busy traffic sections. It is more advantageous in laying acid and alkali soil. Advantages of the installation of the carat tube equipment? I believe you all know it through the introduction of the Crabbe equipment. At the same time, we must choose regular companies when purchasing crac equipment.

        Qingdao Kefengyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a plastic machinery manufacturer specializing in the production of plastic pipe equipment, plastic sheet equipment, plastic profile equipment and various wood and plastic products equipment. Kechuang has long been a strategic partner with Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Shandong University of Science and Technology and Shanxi University of Technology. With perfect and mature innovation mechanism, Kechuang has continuously optimized the technical operation and performance improvement of the original equipment production line, and has launched new national-level products year after year to promote the development of plastic machinery and plastic products in China. Made a significant contribution. Crac equipment
        With 16 years of plastic machinery experience, Kefengyuan has formed a one-stop service integrating design, manufacture, production, sales and service. The company can also according to customer needs to complete equipment innovation and delivery, and constantly improve the functions of products, so that equipment operation is more simple, more practical, more environmentally friendly. Crac equipment