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        Industry news

        Buy internal ribbed pipe equipment to select Qingdao branch

        Release time:2018-10-22 13:54

        Qingdao Kefengyuan R&D and production of internal ribbed pipe equipment using the latest international standard design, high production efficiency, easy to operate. Mould change time is very short, can produce 300 mm to 3500 mm different caliber ring stiffness and structure of pipe, and will not produce waste. The inner ribbed pipe is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) with the socket and socket connected by electric melting. The pipe has a large outer surface area, which forms the pipe soil with the compression resistance. The welding effect is good and the tensile strength of the reinforcement is enhanced. The inner rib reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe is connected by socket electric hot melt to ensure zero leakage and stainless steel clamp connection is convenient and reliable.

        At the same time, provide internal ribbed pipe equipment technology, provide related learning and use guidance, so that customers can not worry about. Qingdao Beipu Machinery provides upgrade technology for inner ribbed pipe equipment, which can produce large-caliber pressure water supply pipes with composite reinforcement. Qingdao North plastic machinery provides complete turnkey projects from equipment manufacturing, maintenance, pipe production, pipe application and so on. Qingdao Kefengyuan has independent intellectual property rights of the whole ribbed tube equipment unit, is the earlier domestic production of the equipment manufacturers, after the company's technology, production and other departments of staff joint efforts, we have a greater technical advantage and more abundant pipe production experience. The quality and performance index of the equipment has reached the international advanced level and the leading level in China.


            Qingdao Kefengyuan Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in the production of a series of plastic machinery and equipment, with a number of high-quality, experienced engineering and technical personnel Shandong inner rib pipe equipment, specializing in the production of plastic machinery, molds and plastic products, scientific research, development, production, sales and technical services in one. High-tech enterprise ribbed tube equipment suppliers, the company to pursue "quality excellence, good faith hospitality, pioneering and innovative ribbed tube equipment, forge ahead" the tenet of ribbed tube equipment configuration, Kefengyuan adhering to the concept of "synchronizing with the world's excellent level," the integration of the world's superior plastic equipment resources, including a new PE structure The wall-wound pipe production line and KPPS series pipe molds have the first-class design and manufacture, from the main engine to the auxiliary machine, perfectly embody the requirements of high-efficiency extrusion, and represent the excellent level of domestic similar products. At present, the company's products are exported to more than 20 provinces and cities in China, and exported to foreign countries. It is a key production enterprise of China's plastic processing industry.